FAQ – What Can You Expect On The First Visit?

You can expect to be greeted with sincerity and hospitality.  Upon your first visit. you wcropped DPphotoshoot 003windowill be given a tour of the facility and offered hot herbal tea or water.  Persephone’s walls are adorned with beautiful artwork, including a variety of murals to nurture young and old alike. Our main waiting room and treatment rooms have large windows that allow for natural lighting. This is because the center wishes to set an example of how to be more closely connected with nature and its rhythms and seasons, which is part of the naturopathic philosophy. Each room has a unique touch in regard to colors and ambiance. The first visit is usually at least two hours and sometimes longer.  It is important for the doctor and the patient to spend quality time and energy on the session covering as much of the patient’s history as possible. You are encouraged to bring notes with your medical and biographical information, your current symptoms, and your hopes and goals. Having this information ready for the first visit will allow for more efficient use of the time together. Dr. Pautz puts her patients first and is committed to being a facilitator of healthy and fulfilling lives.

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