Testimonial, Nancy R

“The beauty of Dr. Pautz’s presence and the strength of her skill and knowledge base make Persephone a winning combination!  The Center is radiantly beautiful! I have been a student of Edgar Cayce’s holistic health for 30 years and am a more recent newcomer to Anthroposophical medicine.

My son was sick a few years ago and there never was any doubt where I would bring him.  I had the fortunate experience recently of being a patient myself because a human angel made it possible for me to see Dr. Pautz.  I had troubling symptoms and I knew I needed her.  I trust her completely and know her natural remedies offer the most promise for renewed health.  I have found she has strong intuition.

I can tell you truthfully, once you have been there, you will never want to go anywhere else.  Persephone is a treasure because I sense how “everything important that Rudolf Steiner taught” is demonstrated.  I have not been a witness to their community educational outreach of lectures and social events, nor have I been able to see Dr. Pautz perform Anthroposophy’s art form Eurythmy.  I wish I could hear the Stargazing Seminars taught by her husband, Howard Pautz.  My daughter came along with me for my appointment . She was able to buy a Dr. Hauschka lipstick and hopes to try more products in the future.

I have experienced the love and wisdom that enfolds the place.  I wholeheartedly hope more people will discover what a beacon of light Persephone is  and take advantage of their offerings!

Nancy R

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