Sophie R Testimonial

Dr. Pautz has been tremendously helpful in my health and healing journey. She is unique in that she is a medical doctor who provides sincere and genuine customized care to her patients as well as unique medical protocols and solutions I have not experienced with other medical practitioners and doctors. In addition to her medical knowledge and expertise, she has a special “doctor’s intuition” which has helped me to address and find solutions for several of my health concerns, from women’s health issues to other general health concerns. The myriad of unique medical protocols, solutions and recommendations she has provided in conjunction with the recommendations I have received from other specialized doctors (OBGYN, Gastroenterologist, etc.) has been critical to me finding the right solutions and care. On many occasions, she has reached out – having given thought or done some additional research based on labs, reports or other information / data that she has either ordered for me to do or that I have sent her as a result of working with other doctors – and shared some information and medical advice she believes would be helpful to me, or has provided an additional solution or healing modality that would assist me with my issue at hand. I trust her judgement and know that the care I receive from her is genuine, unique and rare to find. She is a one-of-a-kind doctor, and I am grateful I found her. Although I have now moved out of state, I continue my care with her through telehealth sessions and will make periodic trips to see her when I am able to make the trip.