Testimonial – Bonnie A

“I came to Persephone Healing Arts Center after moving back to Jacksonville. Dr. Pautz had treated my brother before when we were teenagers. I felt comfortable with her. I had recently gone through a little crisis. I was fearful of being left alone, fearful of dying, and was suffering a lot from physical pain. I couldn’t seem to find relief no matter what I tried, including exercise, eating better, more sleep, and meditation. Dr. Pautz took the time to get to know me as a person, not just as a patient. We looked at my past, present, and hopes and goals for my future. She helped me work through my fear and anxiety as well as helped me reduce and deal with my physical pain. Dr. Pautz is the reason I am comfortable in my own body today. I left an unhappy marriage, I am near my family, I am snowboarding, doing Pilates weekly, as well as pursuing my Large Animal veterinarian degree. At 24 years old, vibrant and beautiful, Dr. Pautz helped me get my life back and start on the path to becoming the person I am meant to be.

Dr. Pautz was very easy to talk to, asked all the right questions and the atmosphere felt safe and secure. I felt like I was working on a relationship with someone who really cared about my wellbeing and wanted me to be happy and succeed in life. She drew me out of my shell a little bit just within that first visit; she had a lot of patience.

My experience with Persephone Healing Arts Center has become an on-going partnership to keep me healthy and pursuing my goals and dreams. Dr. Pautz and her staff are like my Pit Crew. I stay very busy now, pursuing my goals. Dr. Pautz and Persephone had a huge part in getting me to this point. I am better at setting boundaries with my family and friends and taking care of myself, I exercise regularly in ways that I enjoy, I have fun cooking healthy meals, I only use the organic line of facial care and make-up that the clinic carries because it does wonders for my face, hair and body. I am better in taking care of myself and others than I ever was before. Dr. Pautz helped me work through years of fear and baggage that were keeping me from my destiny and inner hidden beauty.”

Bonnie A