Testimonial, Nathalie S

“Jacksonville is truly blessed to have Dr. Pautz! She has helped me profoundly with my anxiety and depression. With her methods of Anthroposophical Medicine, Eurythmy (an art of movement), counseling, homeopathic remedies and nutrition classes I was able to get a handle on this.

When I originally came to her for my first visit, I was in a dark place in my life. I wore mainly black clothes and could barely hold a conversation with anybody. I knew I needed help and I needed real help. I did not want to cover up my problems with medication but truly wanted to move forward in my life. There is a beautiful presence at Persephone that my soul felt touched by and I was able to express what help I needed.

Dr. Pautz helped me be creative with life problems and taught me flexibility. With her holistic approaches she helped me overcome and outgrow my anxiety and depression. I have learned how to deal with problems immediately when they arise.

Dr. Pautz’s Eurythmy classes were life changing for me. Eurythmy helped me feel & speak more from my heart and soul. I could feel myself more in my body. I felt more comfortable in social settings. I also found myself doing more things on my own and now stand in a better relationship with the world. I developed skills for life. I am also able to deal with issues and put them into prospective more easily. Anxiety and depression rarely overcome me anymore, but I can tackle them efficiently when they do and they do not have a grip on my life anymore; I am handling THEM.

I now am wearing colored clothes and do not dye my hair dark anymore. I was even able to say a speech as the Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding!

Persephone Healing Arts Center is truly a healing place. My soul looks forward to every visit.”

Nathalie S