Depression & Anxiety & The Winter Holiday Season

Depression & Anxiety

thumb_christmas_tree_3As the Holiday Season approaches, it is always a fascinating phenomenon that may bring either joy, contentment and happiness, or creates more stress and anxiety. Oft times for many, it may generate a feeling of loneliness, depression and separation. A feeling of not truly being a part of the celebrations brings thoughts such as “I hope this is going to be over soon”, or “I cannot wait to put the Christmas tree down on the 26th” etc.. Suicidal ideation and even carrying through is a common struggle during this time of year and affects many.candles-141892_150

Most people enjoy Thanksgiving more than the rest of the Holiday Season or Christmas, as it isfather and son much less commercially influenced and brings families together for the sacredness of sharing a meal, enjoying the company of friends and family, giving thanks for the blessings of the year and does not have the exterior burden of forced presents purchased in hurry and distress.

People enjoying lifeFor Dr. Pautz, this season has been the happiest since she started celebrating it in her own space. This is a time that has to do with reflecting back on the year and looking at the relationships built, be it in her professional or personal space. It is an opportunity to touch those who have come into one’s life, and preparing the year ahead in a sacred and contemplative way. And yes, it always means physical clearing and decorating the space that one is in. Decorating the interior space, if not done, may contribute towards people feeling inwardly and outwardly disconnected.Old and depressed. The simpler the better. Traditions incorporating religious and spiritual practices are an important part, and bring a rhythm and natural breathing allowing a getting in touch with one’s inner being. Each year is an opportunity to get closer to the inner light that draws close during those weeks, so the New Year to come may be better and better.


Dr. Pautz, M.D. X-mas 2holds board certifications in both internal and holistic medicine. She counsels families and individuals for anxiety and depression, including for seasonal struggles. She has life coached a number of them through the years to experiencing a more in tune holiday season . To schedule an appointment with her, please call (904) 246-3583.