Thoughts on COVID-19

In these interesting and challenging times of watching waves of an epidemic, and now pandemic, weave through the different continents of our Earth, it is such a profound reminder of how connected and interwoven we are as humanity. As a human race no matter what color, ethnicity, religion, philosophy or spiritual practice we believe in, this pandemic knows no boundary based on status, race, or creed. It brings us all down to the core, together fighting for a viable Earth and place to live.

Despite having to practice social distancing, disinfecting surfaces and being mindful about how COVID-19 is transmitted, in our heart of hearts, it shows us that kindness and mindfulness is the only way to counteract the virus. We all come from the same spirit and are here to learn our individual lessons to continue our path of spiritual growth and development. Again, despite the absolute need to practice social distancing, and/or self-isolation, we at the same time need to work closely with our guardian angel to ask him or her to lead us through the physical experience of a possible infection, which experts say one third or more worldwide could become infected in the long run. This reminds us how close we are to other humans on other continents, we are very connected. Vigilance, mindfulness, and spiritual connectedness might be one of the only things guiding us through the exercise of keeping ourselves healthy.

So as you read this and make your daily decisions on who you are around and who you interact with, remember your health could be the difference in their life. Social distancing is vital to try to dampen the potential devastating effect of this illness. Practice safe cleansing and be vigilant of others. Our connectedness is what makes us and also what can break us.