Integrative Pain Management

Integrative Pain Management with Natural, Non- Addictive Options        An adjunct tool for any patient

Pain treatment has become a health crisis in the Western world. With many people being prescribed opioids to combat pain, one out of four statistically will become addicted. The conventional medical community has therefore become more open towards old fashioned, holistic treatments that have been used in different cultures for hundreds and thousands of years. Massage, acupuncture and hydrotherapy (water applications) are some of the modalities that are now commonly recommended and mentioned by the boards as adjunctive treatments, in addition to over the counter or prescription medicines for management of pain. Commonly used over the counter medications such as non-steroidals (such as Ibuprofen or Motrin) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) have major complications. The first one leading to kidney issues and gastrointestinal bleeds, the latter mainly affecting the liver. Acetaminophen is also the number one cause nationwide for acute liver failure. Many people with gastrointestinal bleeds seen in the emergency room are due to nonsteroidal use. Alternative methods of pain management do not have such harmful side effects.

There are many different modalities that can be used to ease pain. One of the most important things is

hydration. When you are not hydrated, you become dehydrated, like a dried apple. Think of a dehydrated marathon runner collapsing at a race. Some people will collapse in their joints, others in their heart, etc. It all just depends where someone’s weakness is. Hydration ensures that nutrients are brought to the cells and waste is deported and excreted. Frequently, people experience a significant decrease in pain intensity by just increasing their water intake. Sugary drinks do not count as hydration.

Diets rich in organic fruit and vegetable intake, whether you have animal protein or not, are vital to provide Mother Earth’s chemistry and enzymes to your body and cells.

Another category is hydrotherapeutic applications. Everybody knows about icing and heat. These are two examples out of a much bigger array that fall under this topic. There are compresses and body wraps with different herbs or substances that can be applied topically.

Emotional clearing is vital and profound. A lot of people somaticize or internalize their emotions and life events that they are holding on to and press them into the physical body in the form of physical illness and pain. We all do to a certain degree. Finding a counselor that you trust is important. They can go into more depth with you which can help shift things around.

There are supplements and herbs that can be used. Many have centuries of use in different traditions and cultures.

Body work therapy can be vital in releasing physical pain back into the emotional realm where it can be easier dealt with, transformed, and released.

There are electromagnetic therapies and light therapies of all sorts. Even changing the colors in your house might be a vital simple thing to start initiating some shifting.

In summary there are many ways of nurturing and applying all sorts of more natural things that can start taking the edge of pain away. These tools are usually wholesome, gentle and harmless and can work to different degrees. Guided by a healthcare professional familiar with the tools and indications, they can be combined without any worrisome side effects from prescription pain medicines to help alleviate symptoms and ultimately reduce prescription medicines. This is much safer and bears less harmful side effects than covering pain up with narcotics.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT medical advice, consult your health care professional for any help and medical advice you need.

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Dr. A. Schaeffer-Pautz, M.D. is both board certified in Internal Medicine (ABIM) and Integrative Medicine (ABPS/ABIM) and a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). Amongst all the internal medical illnesses that she treats, she also sees patients that suffer from autism, attention deficit, depression. She specializes in holistic and anthroposophic treatment approaches in conjunction with conventional medicine and also diseases such as cancer. Of about fifty doctors practicing anthroposophic medicine in this country, Dr. Schaeffer-Pautz is one of the only ones located in Florida. The practice can be reached at (904) 246-3583 in Jacksonville Beach. She also holds a New Mexico Medical License and does consulting work there when visiting a few times a year.