Spotlight as seen in Natural Awakenings December 2019


On the east coast of Florida, just a few blocks from the ocean, sits one of the South’s few anthroposophically oriented medical practices. The Persephone Healing Arts Center, in Jacksonville Beach, has a wonderful, natural atmosphere enhanced by the spirit and focus of A. Schaeffer-Pautz, MD. Brought up in a Waldorf school environment, Dr. Pautz is double board certified in both integrative and internal medicine and combines the best of both worlds in her treatment of patients. Her goal is to help her patients achieve their highest level of well-being and balance, using natural approaches whenever possible.

This philosophy is evident from the first view of the center: a cozy waiting room looks out onto a lovely garden area where patients can relax in the sun or rest in a spot of shade beneath the trees. Care here is particularly unique—first visits can be two or more hours of one-on-one time with the physician. Dr. Pautz takes time to learn all she can about a patient’s physical, mental and emotional well-being and then fuses her knowledge of traditional, integrative and anthroposophic medicine (a philosophy that embraces physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being) to provide individual recommendations designed to work on the root of the problem. Her treatments are focused on lifestyle changes, counseling and nutrition, and this focus helps her patients not only deal with their health issues, but also maintain their higher level of wellness once the immediate problem is dealt with.

Dr. Pautz’s technique has particularly helped those with chronic disorders and diseases such as depression, autism, cancer and any other internal medical disease. Her conviction that all facets of the person must be in balance for ultimate well-being leads to personalized treatments that examine and help each individual to achieve their level of optimum health. This insightful approach often offers relief to patients who have exhausted their traditional western medical options and are seeking help in alternate methods.

Patients may also undergo extensive counseling to facilitate profound lifestyle changes and new ways of looking at things. They receive individualized nutritional guidelines in the hopes of facilitating improved health and releasing what needs to be transitioned.

The philosophy “you are what you eat” has never been as true as in today’s quick meal society, and few know the effects of dietary choices better than Dr. Pautz. Providing your body with the fuel and tools necessary for its well-being is the first building block toward total health and healing. Combining her knowledge of medicine and nutrition, she targets habits that contribute to particular disorders and advises her patients in their diets to strengthen their immune systems and help their bodies stay strong.

In treating her patients, Dr. Pautz has noticed that their nutritional habits have stemmed from a lack of knowledge about how to prepare healthful dishes. After encountering this need for education, she developed classes in the past that were focused on nutritional cooking, emphasizing the use of whole grains, tons of herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables. With a healthy diet as a base to grow from, therapies then perform better as the body becomes more receptive, receiving the aid the therapies provide. Dr. Pautz can easily suggest recipes in-session with wholesome foods that might be a first step in implementation.

Another unique remedy at Dr. Pautz’s disposal is therapeutic eurythmy, an expressive form of movement therapy. Based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, eurythmy uses movements to express sounds and music. One of the few medical doctors to be certified in eurythmy, Dr. Pautz uses this approach to supplement the treatment of a variety of physical, medical and emotional ailments. Somewhat like its Asian counterparts, tai chi and yoga, eurythmy helps a person connect to and experience the non-tangible realities of spirit and energy that are essential for all souls.

Dr. Pautz’s varied background and extensive training provide her with myriad treatment choices to draw from in her practice. Whether addressing cancer, diabetes, asthma, common cold, multiples sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ALS or any other illness, her treatments are personalized, insightful and far-reaching. By balancing Western and integrative medicine and avoiding chemical drugs whenever possible, Dr. Pautz provides each patient with the opportunity for a road map to long-lasting, deep-seated health changes through nutritional and lifestyle advice, naturopathy, homeopathy, counseling, anthroposophic medicine, and art and movement therapy.

Persephone Healing Arts Center is located at 485 6th Ave. N., in Jacksonville Beach. To learn more, call 904-246-3583, visit or join them for one of their monthly open houses. Join them on Facebook. See ad on the back cover.