Holiday Potluck Friday, December 15, 2023, 6-8 pm

Please join us for our Annual Holiday Potluck
Friday, December 16, 2022, 6-8 pm

The Persephone Healing Arts Center, the office of Dr. A. Schaeffer-Pautz, M.D., Board Certified in both Integrative and Internal Medicine, warmly invites you to an evening of celebrating the season, nurturing, heart to heart, fun, good conversation, and thanksgiving, Friday, December 16, from 6-8pm. This holiday season is always a reminder of heart to heart nurturing, looking within ourselves, also reaching out to our surroundings. On a heart level, each holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving, is another opportunity to practice the kindness and gentleness of this season. Different religious systems have celebrations at this time of the year to remind us that we are all here to grow stronger towards the light. Each year we can get a little better. Newcomers are welcome to the potluck. This is an opportunity for existing patients to introduce friends and other family members to Persephone. We usually have an abundance of varied dishes that people bring who are joining. If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP to 904.246.3583 with your favorite dish you want to share. We welcome families with children as long as you embrace and take care of them.
Persephone Healing Arts Center also invites those who are interested in our medical services to our Open House on Tuesday, December 10th from 6-7:30 pm. This is a sit-down circle where Dr. Pautz’s explains her philosophy that she practices in a unique blend of integrative, conventional, and anthroposophic medicine with a great emphasis to personalized one on one care. She sees patients of all ages.

RSVP with dish to share.

This is a good time to introduce a friend to Persephone that you have wanted to introduce. Also perfect to bring your children and spouses.

For more information, or to let us know the dish you will be bringing, please call 904.246.3583.