Meet our Massage Therapist: TBA

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at our Open House for the Medical & Massage Services.

There will be a brief 10- 15 min presentation on the benefits of Massage Therapy after the medical presentation of the clinic.

Get a 5 min free chair massage or consultation that night.

Get $20 off any massage purchased that evening.

Massage has many benefits for health care and health maintenance. It can be a profound stress maintenance tool too. It can help with depression and anxiety, pain, muscle aches, and so on.massage

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Swe Thai Massage

Swe Thai Massage

Swe-Thai is a massage technique  that combines the Eastern knowledge of ancient massage (Thai) with the Western massage therapies.



The legend states that Buddha’s physician used it to treat the Buddha being. It can be applied while on a lower set table, or originally also on a mat on the floor. The client may not have to undress depending on whether more stretching techniques are involved or whether the massage techniques is combined with a Swedish massage.

The Swe Thia massage is a deeper tissue massage and can address neck and back conditions. When utilized properly, the bio-mechanically correct techniques allow the therapist to perform much more concentrated work by reducing the strain on their bodies. While other types of massage therapy might use similar techniques, the magic found in Swe-Thai massage is not just in the techniques but more so in the unique marriage of eastern and western hands-on therapies.

Because Thai Massage works with the energy body, the sen lines are the basis for this form of medical massage.

Our massage therapist performs Thai massage on a table that is adjusted to a level closer to the ground.



Massage Specials


$20off any massage services purchase at our

Open House Thursday, April 16, 6-7:30 pm.

Free 5 min chair massages or consultations with our therapist.

Massage Services & Prices

Massage Services at Persephone

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In support of the medical practice and philosophy, Persephone Healing Arts Center offers a variety of therapeutic services including various massages, body and facial treatments. In keeping with the individualized approach of the practice, the massages and body treatments are tailored to address the needs of each person. Our licensed massage and facial therapists will work closely with you to create a unique therapeutic experience.Web-1_treatment_Lymphstimul




60 Minute 85 Minute
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic,  Lomi Lomi






Hot Stone Massage



Hot Stone or Lomi Lomi (1 hour 55 min)



Hot Stone Back/Facial Massage ending with Brief Hand/Foot Massage



One Hour Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage



Massage Adjusted to Specific Physical/ Medical Conditions



Hot Oil Scalp, Hands and Feet



Children (to 17 years)



30 Minute Massage


30 Minute Massage w/ Hot Stones


60 Minute 85 Minute

Swe Thai Massage


Bamboo Massage










Deep Tissue & Swedish

Camera without Card Downloaded 2009 1354SWEDISH MASSAGE

A relaxing massage using oil and a light amount of pressure to smooth away muscle tension and stress. Improves circulation and feels very luxurious.



A massage using deep pressure to release “knots” that have been holding in the muscle tissue. This modality brings circulation into deprived areas to wash away toxins, allow a wider range of motion, and bring relief


Lymphatic Massage


A detoxifying, light pressure session that works with your lymphatic system to cleanse your body of toxins and unnatural substances. It boosts your immune system and is key for keeping your body healthy. This is recommended if you have any inflammation, stiffness/pain, or fatigue, and is great for prevention of sickness.


Facials at Persephone


Facials, currently only available on a few select days during the entire year, when our therapist is visiting us.

Facial (1 hour)


Persephone Facial (1 hour 25 mins, included hot stone facial and foot massage)


Dr. Hauschka Signature Treatments – 1 hour


Dr. Hauschka Signature – 1 hour 15 minutes


Dr. Hauschka Signature – 1 hour 30 minutes


Dr. Hauschka Signature – 2 hour


“Mini” Facial with Aromatherapy Compress & Mask – 30 Minute



Body Wraps & Scrubs, Prices

Wraps and Scrubs


Body wraps, salt scrubs, brushing & herbal wraps

Body Wrap – 1 hour


Body Wrap – 1 hour 25 minutes


Upper Abdominal Wrap for liver support


Seaweed Wrap – 90 minutes includes scalp, shoulder & foot massage


Salt Scrub, 1 hour


Spa Packages

Spa Packages


5 Bamboo-Rattan Massages, 1 hours 25 min


5 Hot Stone Massages – 1 hour 25 minutes