Past Seminar Wednesday, October 28, 5-8 pm 2015, Taos New Mexico

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Earthship Toas New Mexico                                        Pueblo, Taos New Mexico


Continued Series of Seminar Activity:

“Inspiring Contemporary Biographies”

that have made a difference to humanity

Example: Temple Grandin, PhD

Autism. The uniqueness of people with special gifts and disabilities
Your opportunity as a health care provider or guardian                                                                  to help shape their uniqueness and allow the best to manifest

Speaker: A.Schaeffer-Pautz, MD                                        

Board Certified in Internal & Holistic Medicine

When: Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where: Kachina Lodge, Taos New Mexico

Time: 5-8 pm.

Topic still in consideration. Most likely 2 parts. One part: An inspiring contemporary individual that has made a difference in more than one field, as an example of how much one person can do and influence hundreds and thousands of people by her work: Temple Grandin.

Lisa Edenfield

Lisa Edenfield: Program Director

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Current Sponsors:

Kachina Lodge  —– 

Kachina Lodge

Persephone Healing Arts Center


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