Swe Thai Massage

Swe Thai Massage

Swe-Thai is a massage technique  that combines the Eastern knowledge of ancient massage (Thai) with the Western massage therapies.



The legend states that Buddha’s physician used it to treat the Buddha being. It can be applied while on a lower set table, or originally also on a mat on the floor. The client may not have to undress depending on whether more stretching techniques are involved or whether the massage techniques is combined with a Swedish massage.

The Swe Thia massage is a deeper tissue massage and can address neck and back conditions. When utilized properly, the bio-mechanically correct techniques allow the therapist to perform much more concentrated work by reducing the strain on their bodies. While other types of massage therapy might use similar techniques, the magic found in Swe-Thai massage is not just in the techniques but more so in the unique marriage of eastern and western hands-on therapies.

Because Thai Massage works with the energy body, the sen lines are the basis for this form of medical massage.

Our massage therapist performs Thai massage on a table that is adjusted to a level closer to the ground.