Contemplations on Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits are an integral part of medical care. Something that we see frequently is that often patients may begin to experience relief from the intermediate or long term health issues that have symptomatically plagued them. It is tempting at that point to then skip the follow up visit prematurely… maybe leading back to previous symptoms, a little lessened in severity, but still unbearable. Just as we are not able to eat only one meal in a lifetime, but need to nouriDSC04647sh our bodies on a regular basis, or pray one time without sustaining a relationship to the spiritual, it becomes apparent that everything profound in life is based on some type of rhythmic repetition: waking and sleeping, inhaling and exhaling, the changing of seasons, sun rising and setting, birth and death. So also is maintenance of treatment and investment into our physical as well as emotional and spiritual health. We eat every day, most of us at least twice or even three meals a day. We drink when we are thirsty. We give our car a tune up when it reached a certain mileage. The same applies to our health. Yes, for some people, especially when there are more chronic issues, it may seem unfair that we may have to invest a little more than someone else. The grass always appears to be greener on the other side. Have you ever listened to someone and thought: at the end of the day I prefer to have MY burdens to bear and not theirs? As we begin to age certain maintenance of our body may take a little more effort or attention, but getting that maintenance and rhythm going provides the foundation that leads us back to wholesome living and good health.

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Dr. A. Schaeffer-Pautz, M.D. is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). Amongst all the internal medical illnesses that she treats, she also sees patients that suffer from autism, attention deficit, depression. She specializes in holistic and anthroposophic treatment approaches in conjunction with conventional medicine and also in terminal diseases such as cancer. Of about fifty doctors practicing anthroposophic medicine in this country, Dr. Schaeffer-Pautz is one of the only two located in Florida. The practice can be reached at (904) 246-3583 in Jacksonville Beach.