Fairytale Evenings for Adults & Children

Dr.Pautz holds several evenings per year of fairytale evenings for adults & teenagers that are interested in this. She also will hold here and there a fairytale evening for children and their families.

Again, everything ties into the practice in one way or another. The fairytale evenings she considers an extension of her intense counseling with some of her patients not in private but in a group setting. The intense imagery of the deep old stories ties so directly as lessons into our soul and wordily life experience.

Two topics that Dr. Pautz has hold many evenings on and typically has an event on them once or twice a year is:

green snake 2The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Dr. Pautz call Goethe the German Shakespeare. there is no child in Germany that does not learn about Goethe. One of his big works is “Faust”, again one of those exemplary dramas of world literature that represents struggles that we all have in our soul.

and the other one is Parsifal, the medieval story of a searching night with most profound lessons he learned that we all can recognize our own life’s struggles in.

These evenings are typically attended by a few individuals and are small and intimate and intense.

The fee for the adult fairy tale evenings is $25 per attending adult and evening.

gnomemuralcompressedThe children fairytale evenings are free t the public and are held whenever their is a space and need to hold an evening like this. They sometimes may have a potluck format.

Dates are to be announced. If you are interested in them, you may call us at 904.246.3583 and we put you on the list to call when we schedule the next evening.