Testimonial Rosalinda

Dear Dr. Pautz,

My name is Rosalinda and I was a client of yours about nine years ago. I was about 15-16 years old.

I was looking back on my own healing journey today with a friend and how it all started with going to your space and being held in a safe space to spark my own inner healer. Thank you so much. I was in a very dark place and you helped give me hope and inspiration to heal from within and to use the herbs of the planet.  Thank you dearly. My life is so beautiful now and I just wanted to thank you so dearly for holding that space. It changed my life.

Many blessings to you.


Testimonial, Susanna B

“Several years ago I went to an open house that was being held by Dr. Pautz. I found Dr. Pautz and her staff to be very warm and welcoming.  Everyone was very professional and the center was filled with positive energy and sense of calm. 

A year and a half ago I found myself suffering from gastric distress as well as anxiety. I was concerned about going to a physician that would simply try and prescribe drugs for my anxiety. I remembered the feelings I had about Persephone Healing Arts Center and decided to give Dr. Pautz a call. I was able to schedule an appointment within a couple of days. Before examining me she really wanted to hear my story about how I was feeling and what I thought was going on. She agreed with my thoughts that my anxiety was most likely the cause of my other issues and she respected my needs to deal with the situation without using traditional medications. We talked at length about using alternative treatments and also about supporting the treatments with food, environmental and spiritual changes. She also sent me for medical work up to make sure that there was nothing else more serious going on.

By the time I returned for a follow-up visit three weeks later, I was already feeling much better. Over the next several months we continued to meet and refine the treatments that Dr. Pautz was suggesting. It is now been about a year and a half since my journey with Dr. Pautz began and I am grateful every day for having found her and her clinic. I no longer suffer from the fear and anxiety that was causing me to be anxious, depressed and in general living a life that was unrewarding and lacking joy.  I feel like an entirely new person and I look at the world in a different way, feeling like I have gained much wisdom from my journey. There is joy and a sense of looking forward to the future that was lacking before, as well as much more satisfaction from my personal relationships. I was also able to make the progress without using anti-anxiety medications. Although I know if I had the need to use them for a while I would have had that option. I was just lucky that I did not need that level of support. I continue to make periodic visits to the center to reinforce the progress that I have made and to continue to make more progress. It is such a happy, positive, warm environment. Which I feel has been very important to me in this hectic chaotic world that we live in today.

I believe that disease is a manifestation of the many stressors in life and the way we deal with them.  As a result treatment should involve more than today’s traditional medical model.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pautz to anyone looking for a holistic physician.

Thank You Dr.  Pautz for being my physician and now my friend!”

Susanna B

Testimonial – Bonnie A

“I came to Persephone Healing Arts Center after moving back to Jacksonville. Dr. Pautz had treated my brother before when we were teenagers. I felt comfortable with her. I had recently gone through a little crisis. I was fearful of being left alone, fearful of dying, and was suffering a lot from physical pain. I couldn’t seem to find relief no matter what I tried, including exercise, eating better, more sleep, and meditation. Dr. Pautz took the time to get to know me as a person, not just as a patient. We looked at my past, present, and hopes and goals for my future. She helped me work through my fear and anxiety as well as helped me reduce and deal with my physical pain. Dr. Pautz is the reason I am comfortable in my own body today. I left an unhappy marriage, I am near my family, I am snowboarding, doing Pilates weekly, as well as pursuing my Large Animal veterinarian degree. At 24 years old, vibrant and beautiful, Dr. Pautz helped me get my life back and start on the path to becoming the person I am meant to be.

Dr. Pautz was very easy to talk to, asked all the right questions and the atmosphere felt safe and secure. I felt like I was working on a relationship with someone who really cared about my wellbeing and wanted me to be happy and succeed in life. She drew me out of my shell a little bit just within that first visit; she had a lot of patience.

My experience with Persephone Healing Arts Center has become an on-going partnership to keep me healthy and pursuing my goals and dreams. Dr. Pautz and her staff are like my Pit Crew. I stay very busy now, pursuing my goals. Dr. Pautz and Persephone had a huge part in getting me to this point. I am better at setting boundaries with my family and friends and taking care of myself, I exercise regularly in ways that I enjoy, I have fun cooking healthy meals, I only use the organic line of facial care and make-up that the clinic carries because it does wonders for my face, hair and body. I am better in taking care of myself and others than I ever was before. Dr. Pautz helped me work through years of fear and baggage that were keeping me from my destiny and inner hidden beauty.”

Bonnie A

Testimonial – Jessica B

“When I first walked into Dr. Pautz’s office I was short of breath due to COPD caused by a rare genetic disease.   Today I am breathing easier than I have in a long time.  I am still taking the conventional medicines originally prescribed.  However to me, the homeopathic medicines have given me the additional boost needed to improve my shortness of breath and general state of health.  I feel that the Anthroposophic Medicine has allowed me to live the way I want, doing the things I want to do, and exploring new experiences.  Thank you Dr. Pautz.”

Jessica B

Testimonial – Johanna W.

“I came to Dr. Pautz and Persephone Healing Arts Center for alternatives to treatment for depression and anxiety. I had been on almost every antidepressant medication available over the course of my 48 years. I was concerned about the effect of medication on my body as well as the lack of effectiveness over time. What a pleasant experience to find a doctor who actually spent time getting to know me, my history, my personal challenges, my spiritual beliefs and my goals. While we decided to keep using medication for the time being, the additional remedies and therapies she has prescribed have greatly improved the quality of my life and we have a plan for eventually managing my depression without the use of prescription medication which was my goal from the beginning. I am so happy to have found Dr. Pautz and Persephone Healing Arts Center.”

Johanna W



Testimonial – Debra M.

“I was searching for a “holistic” doctor when Dr. Pautz at Persephone Healing Arts Center became a part of my journey. Dr. Pautz went above and beyond every expectation I had. She provides nurturing and encouragement during our counseling sessions, which is so imperative at my age. Along with the great life lessons I continue to learn, Dr. Pautz is an all-around healer and the role she plays in my life is greatly appreciated. Dr. Pautz is a Florida licensed medical doctor (M.D.), board certified in both holistic and conventional medicine and I believe her knowledge and skill set in the medical field are exceptional. Persephone is a place that I look forward to visiting and will continue to be a part of my life wherever my path may take me.”

Debra M

Testimonial, Nathalie S

“Jacksonville is truly blessed to have Dr. Pautz! She has helped me profoundly with my anxiety and depression. With her methods of Anthroposophical Medicine, Eurythmy (an art of movement), counseling, homeopathic remedies and nutrition classes I was able to get a handle on this.

When I originally came to her for my first visit, I was in a dark place in my life. I wore mainly black clothes and could barely hold a conversation with anybody. I knew I needed help and I needed real help. I did not want to cover up my problems with medication but truly wanted to move forward in my life. There is a beautiful presence at Persephone that my soul felt touched by and I was able to express what help I needed.

Dr. Pautz helped me be creative with life problems and taught me flexibility. With her holistic approaches she helped me overcome and outgrow my anxiety and depression. I have learned how to deal with problems immediately when they arise.

Dr. Pautz’s Eurythmy classes were life changing for me. Eurythmy helped me feel & speak more from my heart and soul. I could feel myself more in my body. I felt more comfortable in social settings. I also found myself doing more things on my own and now stand in a better relationship with the world. I developed skills for life. I am also able to deal with issues and put them into prospective more easily. Anxiety and depression rarely overcome me anymore, but I can tackle them efficiently when they do and they do not have a grip on my life anymore; I am handling THEM.

I now am wearing colored clothes and do not dye my hair dark anymore. I was even able to say a speech as the Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding!

Persephone Healing Arts Center is truly a healing place. My soul looks forward to every visit.”

Nathalie S




Testimonial – Lynnette & Maine

“My name is Lynnette and I have a 6 1/2 year- old son named Maine who suffers from autism spectrum disorder. 2 years ago, I researched Persephone Healing Arts Center on the internet, and learned that Dr. Pautz was the founder of the practice, and treated internal ailments through the holistic approach.

At the age of 2, Maine was assessed through Early Steps Intervention for limited language, communication, and social skills. A specialist did an auditory test which he passed, and demonstrated age appropriate pictorials and toys to examine development. The result, Maine was then diagnosed as being developmentally delayed, and had to undergo speech/language/play therapy at home, and was in an ESE pre-school classroom with Duval County Public Schools.

When Maine and I first visited Dr. Pautz, she explained her philosophy and what she practiced in holistic medicine. I was deeply amazed and was willing to be proactive with the treatments that she requested for Maine so that he might be on the road to recovery. I also did my research, and learned that some studies suggested that holistic interventions are known to cure or prevent diseases and developmental issues.

Since Maine and I visited Dr. Pautz, both our experiences have been remarkable. Maine is a lot happier than he was prior to his treatment with her. He is initiating language, social, and communication skills, he hardly ever gets ill or catches colds, and he is spiritually connected.

I tend to get lost on the way to Persephone Healing Arts Center for our appointments quite regularly. Maine will literally freak out when we do this, being afraid that we will not get to her. Does he know the way there better than I do?

One time Dr. Pautz told him that we were going to help him start speaking. He thrashed himself into her lap and laughed, like he knew exactly what she had said.

In the beginning when we first saw Dr. Pautz, he would run around the office without any facial expression other than just a blank expression with no emotional expression, turning door knobs and water faucets notoriously. Now he runs around and smiles and laughs and plays with some of the play toys even meaningful. At our most recent visit the other day he was running in the garden space with one of his shoes off, having so much fun for me to chase him. He just simply seems happy at times. There is plenty of space to be comfortable and move around, it is a big space. The garden space is surrounded by a chain link fence and I do not constantly have to worry where he is because he cannot get away that that easily.

On his activities of daily living, he can dress himself now and undress himself, which he was unable to do when we first started seeing Dr. Pautz.

As for me and my family, we rarely get sick, and we are eating healthy organic foods. We still have a long way to go, but we made a commitment to stick with Dr. Pautz 100% all the way!”


Lynnette F