Testimonial, Susanna B

“Several years ago I went to an open house that was being held by Dr. Pautz. I found Dr. Pautz and her staff to be very warm and welcoming.  Everyone was very professional and the center was filled with positive energy and sense of calm. 

A year and a half ago I found myself suffering from gastric distress as well as anxiety. I was concerned about going to a physician that would simply try and prescribe drugs for my anxiety. I remembered the feelings I had about Persephone Healing Arts Center and decided to give Dr. Pautz a call. I was able to schedule an appointment within a couple of days. Before examining me she really wanted to hear my story about how I was feeling and what I thought was going on. She agreed with my thoughts that my anxiety was most likely the cause of my other issues and she respected my needs to deal with the situation without using traditional medications. We talked at length about using alternative treatments and also about supporting the treatments with food, environmental and spiritual changes. She also sent me for medical work up to make sure that there was nothing else more serious going on.

By the time I returned for a follow-up visit three weeks later, I was already feeling much better. Over the next several months we continued to meet and refine the treatments that Dr. Pautz was suggesting. It is now been about a year and a half since my journey with Dr. Pautz began and I am grateful every day for having found her and her clinic. I no longer suffer from the fear and anxiety that was causing me to be anxious, depressed and in general living a life that was unrewarding and lacking joy.  I feel like an entirely new person and I look at the world in a different way, feeling like I have gained much wisdom from my journey. There is joy and a sense of looking forward to the future that was lacking before, as well as much more satisfaction from my personal relationships. I was also able to make the progress without using anti-anxiety medications. Although I know if I had the need to use them for a while I would have had that option. I was just lucky that I did not need that level of support. I continue to make periodic visits to the center to reinforce the progress that I have made and to continue to make more progress. It is such a happy, positive, warm environment. Which I feel has been very important to me in this hectic chaotic world that we live in today.

I believe that disease is a manifestation of the many stressors in life and the way we deal with them.  As a result treatment should involve more than today’s traditional medical model.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pautz to anyone looking for a holistic physician.

Thank You Dr.  Pautz for being my physician and now my friend!”

Susanna B

Consulting Work In New Mexico

I will be in New Mexico October 21 through October 29, 2018. Medical appointments can be scheduled through my office at 904.246.3583.
I look forward to seeing you then!!!

Welcoming New Patients in New Mexico

To schedule a patient appointment, please call (904) 246-3583.

Dr. A. Schaeffer-Pautz, MD

is offering care in New Mexico on a consulting basis only. Any patient established with a primary care or other physician and anyone with serious medical issues is asked to continue their medical care with a physician that lives and practices in New Mexico so that any urgent medical care may be dealt with appropriately. She will be available for additional medical care related to integrative and anthroposophic medicine, life coaching, counseling, homeopathy, and preventative care only.

With her unique background being form Germany and having been raised within a Waldorf School, Dr. Pautz practices unique blend of different modalities.

Dr. Pautz will be offering services fee for service only and is unable to accept insurance. If you are interested in booking an appointment when she is available to see patients in New Mexico, or have further questions, and for fees, please call (904) 246-3583.

We look forward to working with you.


The next Meet & Greet is tentatively planned for Friday, September 20, 2019, 5-8 pm

at the Sol Foods Store in Arroyo Seco.





1. Meet & Greets October 2016:

Open House Meet & Greet – October 15, 2016

Collins Lake Ranch is hosting an open house for families and children in the community who have, or are sharing their lives with people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Featuring a meet and greet opportunity with special guest A. Schaeffer-Pautz, MD,Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM), Specializing in working with people on the autism spectrum.

This is a great opportunity to tour the Ranch and get to know your neighbors. We will provide organic and gluten-free snacks, and optional activities for kids of all ages.

Please join us on Saturday, October 15, noon till 3 pm.Dr. Pautz Collins Lake Ranch Open House Meet & Greet October 2016

Monday, October 17, 6-8 pm, 2016, Carnelian Center, Dixon, New Mexico

Learn what our services are all about. Ms. LisaAnn Edenfiled will be moderating the event.

Here is a link to the event in the Taos News.


Wednesday, October 19, 6-7 pm, SolFood market Arreyo Seco, New Mexico

Arreyo Seco

Learn what Dr. Pautz’s services are all about.






Here is a link to the local news, announcing this event.

Here is a link announcing this in the Taos News.

Other Programs in New Mexico

We have hold a couple of seminars in the area, one topic was: taking care of yourself as the care giver, another topic was: inspiring temporary biographies: example: Temple Grandin. How one individual can change and influence so many different lives.


Also: We, Dr. Pautz and Lisa Edenfield, will hold another seminar at the Kachina Lodge in Taos, NM, Wednesday, October 28, from 5-8 pm. There is a fee of $25 per attending adult. For more information, please contact Dr. Pautz at (904) 246-3583, or contact Lisa Edenfield at LisaEdenfield@gmail.com, or 575-779-0417. Here is a link to the program.

Dr. Pautz will also hold the Coffee talk at the Taos Waldorf School Tuesday, October 27, 9:30 till 8:30 pm. For more information, please contact us at 904.246.3583, or contact the Taos Waldorf School directly.

At the Wilderness Conference in Santa Fe, May 2015

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Massage Services

Massage Services offered at Persephone!bridal-veil-fall-52451_150

We are adding Swedish, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage Massage as well as Cranial Sacral Therapy, a massage technique that uses Stretching and Shaking (it is awesome!). The Structural Foot Massage is wonderful. It uses a rhythmic technique working the whole foot through.

Please call our office (904) 246-3583 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are offered in 30 min, 60 min, and 85 min lengths. Our therapist feels that the 85 min slots allow for more thorough and deeper work.

MM 23812
CE 9982573


Cranial-Sacral Balancing


A form of bodywork that allows the practitioner to tune into the rhythm of your cerebrospinal fluid to create balance. This modality creates space between the joints in your cranium and spine to release tension. Great for TMJD, neck/back tension and headache/migraine relief. You will remain lying face up with clothing on.


Stretching and Shaking for loosening up your body


A form of bodywork that helps to restore alignment to the body. VHMT uses light stretching, shaking, pushing and pulling movements in a rhythmic fashion to loosen up joints. Please wear comfortable clothing that is non-restrictive.


Heavenly Foot Massage


SFB works with the bones in the feet to create alignment. It breaks up congestion to allow more flow for circulation. Great for bunions, sore feet, and for feeling more grounded.

Feet high Heel