Murals & Artwork at Persephone

Dr. Pautz has integrated art as a healing modality and therapeutic support to nurture young and old alike here at Persephone. The broad spectrum of artwork at the facility supports the philosophy behind her practice.

art therapyArt therapy can be a profound adjunct to therapeutic interventions and be a profound mediator in the hands of someone trained. Dr. Pautz is a certified eurythmist in addition to be a medical doctor. Eurythmy is a modern art of movement and can be used therapeutically. The philosophy behind it is bathed in color. colors can be objective spiritual experiences for people trained in this and can have calming and nurturing qualities when used with that consciousness.

Therefor, receiving patients and massage clients in that environment is part of our philosophy here at Persephone Healing Arts Center.

Several murals adorn the walls of Persephone, some of which were done by Dr. Pautz herself.

Susanne Schuenke, PhD and fine artist in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida,  has kindly assited her talent to Persephone in several murals.DSC01297 Here are some of her contributions.



Giggle Fish Arts has several of its pieces exhibited at Persephone. They can be purchased. All proceeds benefit the Persephone Healing Arts Center Building Fund which is still in need of lots of support. compr 3 palms




9 Blue Bahama



Kristen Crews, young artist on the rise from Jacksonville, Florida, has put her talent to  work in the following mural at the main entrance into the Persephone Waiting Room in the corral Building:

Mural Kristne 4

Mural Lotus Kristen 2Mural Kristne 5

Last but not least, Dr. Pautz has painted a mural that is going to be featured on our Angels’ Wings website that is currently still under construction. She also has several canvas pictures for sale dealing with nurturing topics of the elemental world for young and old alike. Proceeds benefit the Building renovation fund.Resized Angels' Wings Health FoundationHere is the link for Angels Wings here once we have build the website a little further: compr DP Gnomescompressed DP





Kristen Mural 6

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Testimonial – Lynnette & Maine

“My name is Lynnette and I have a 6 1/2 year- old son named Maine who suffers from autism spectrum disorder. 2 years ago, I researched Persephone Healing Arts Center on the internet, and learned that Dr. Pautz was the founder of the practice, and treated internal ailments through the holistic approach.

At the age of 2, Maine was assessed through Early Steps Intervention for limited language, communication, and social skills. A specialist did an auditory test which he passed, and demonstrated age appropriate pictorials and toys to examine development. The result, Maine was then diagnosed as being developmentally delayed, and had to undergo speech/language/play therapy at home, and was in an ESE pre-school classroom with Duval County Public Schools.

When Maine and I first visited Dr. Pautz, she explained her philosophy and what she practiced in holistic medicine. I was deeply amazed and was willing to be proactive with the treatments that she requested for Maine so that he might be on the road to recovery. I also did my research, and learned that some studies suggested that holistic interventions are known to cure or prevent diseases and developmental issues.

Since Maine and I visited Dr. Pautz, both our experiences have been remarkable. Maine is a lot happier than he was prior to his treatment with her. He is initiating language, social, and communication skills, he hardly ever gets ill or catches colds, and he is spiritually connected.

I tend to get lost on the way to Persephone Healing Arts Center for our appointments quite regularly. Maine will literally freak out when we do this, being afraid that we will not get to her. Does he know the way there better than I do?

One time Dr. Pautz told him that we were going to help him start speaking. He thrashed himself into her lap and laughed, like he knew exactly what she had said.

In the beginning when we first saw Dr. Pautz, he would run around the office without any facial expression other than just a blank expression with no emotional expression, turning door knobs and water faucets notoriously. Now he runs around and smiles and laughs and plays with some of the play toys even meaningful. At our most recent visit the other day he was running in the garden space with one of his shoes off, having so much fun for me to chase him. He just simply seems happy at times. There is plenty of space to be comfortable and move around, it is a big space. The garden space is surrounded by a chain link fence and I do not constantly have to worry where he is because he cannot get away that that easily.

On his activities of daily living, he can dress himself now and undress himself, which he was unable to do when we first started seeing Dr. Pautz.

As for me and my family, we rarely get sick, and we are eating healthy organic foods. We still have a long way to go, but we made a commitment to stick with Dr. Pautz 100% all the way!”


Lynnette F